No. 2

Idoia Zabaleta

Idoia Zabaleta (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1970) is an artist, choreographer and biologist. Thanks to her training in biology and rhythmic gymnastics, she has developed since the early 90s an interdisciplinary practice that integrates dance, choreography, visual arts, curatorship, teaching and cultural management. In 1992, the same year she graduated, she founded Moaré Danza and traveled to The Netherlands, Italy and the U.S. to complete her training in New Dance. From that moment onwards she has performed in different dance companies internationally. Upon her return, she got involved in the emergence of the local New Dance scene, developing ties with independent spaces dedicated to the performing arts since the mid 90s, where she organised and taught the first university extension seminars and courses dedicated to dance and performance. At the beginning of the 2000s she began to cultivate her own vocabulary, creating pieces that have been shown in art institutions such as the Artium Museum, Azkuna Zentroa, EACC, IVAM, MACBA, MNCARS, and in international festivals such as Documenta Fifteen, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Seine-Saint-Denis, Alkantara, Panorama Rio Dança, etc. In 2008 she founded Azala, a creation space located in Lasierra, Alava, which she has directed since then, a practice for which she received the Gure Artea Prize in 2017.


She ends her career in competition rhythmic gymnastics.


She creates Moaré Danza, an association based in Vitoria-Gasteiz.   

She completes her studies at the E.H.U./U.P.V. with a degree in Biology, specialising in Ecosystem Dynamics.


She participates in:

 SNDO courses (School for New Dance Development), Amsterdam, as a guest student assisting choreographers who base their practice on improvisation, such as Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Charlotte Zerbey, and Alessandro Certini.


She participates in:

→ Dance and improvisation courses by Company Blu in Florence, Italy.

Un concerto per superare l'uomo, a piece directed by Alessandro Certini that premieres at the Teatro Manzoni, Pistoia, Italy.  


She participates in:

→ A study programme in New York by the EDDC school (European Dance Development Center) Arnhem, The Netherlands, as a guest student.

 City bits, a piece co-produced by EDDC (European Dance Development Center) Arnhem, The Netherlands and Company Blu from Florence, Italy, which premiered in New York.

→ La Calle del Imaginero by Mal Pelo.

Visits Mal Pelo during their residency at Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts, USA. Later on she also visits the community farm where Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson live and work in Vermont, USA.


She participates in:

→ La canción de Bernabé by Mal Pelo.


She presents: 

La puta inocencia at the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, France.  

El Rato de José at DFeria, Donostia-San Sebastián. 

El rato de José at Situaciones Festival, Cuenca.

 El rato de José at Monty Theatre, Antwerp, Belgium.


She presents:

Gau bakar bat at the Hegoalde Theater in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

She teaches at:

→ Dance classes at the Taller de Artes Escénicas, Vitoria-Gasteiz, T.A.E (2004-2008).

She participates in:

→ Periferiak, a series of conferences on action curated by Ixiar Rozas and Dario Malventti in Bilbao. She moderates a conversation on Nuevos lenguajes: lugar y no lugar between María Muñoz, Ander Lipus and Víctor Nubla.


She presents:

Royal dance with Antonio Tagliarini at La Fundición, Bilbao.  

→ Bicho, eres un bicho at Centro Parraga, Murcia. From 22 to 24 April.

→ Royal dance at Festival Alkantara, Lisbon, Portugal. 1 and 2 June.

Royal dance at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Royal dance at Festival Short Theater, Rome, Italy

Royal dance at Festival Panorama, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

She teaches at:

→ Anarquía Teatral, a workshop with Antonio Tagliarini at Muelle 3, Bilbao.  

She curates:

→ Seminar 3 of Autonomía y Complejidad: Monument G1, G2, G3... Led by Janez Janša in Azala.  

→ Seminar 4 of Autonomía y Complejidad. Historias Públicas y Privadas led by Oleg Soulimenko and Andrei Andrianov in Artea and Azala.  

La utilidad de lo inútil, together with Isabel de Naverán at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.     

→ Seminar 5 of Autonomía y Complejidad. Dial History led by Myriam Van Imschoot at Azala.   

→ Seminar 6 of Autonomía y Complejidad: My private biopolitics led by Ana Vujanovic and Sasa Asentic.  

Gorputz egoerak, a programme in collaboration with Krea, Vitoria-Gasteiz.

DE NAVERAN, Isabel (ed.). Hacer historia. Reflexiones de la práctica desde la danza. Spain: Mercat de les Flors, 2010.  

7º. Murcia, Centro Párraga Espacio de investigación y desarrollo para las artes escénicas, 2010. 

«KREA y AZALA created a programme about contemporary dance named ‘Gorputz Egoerak’» [Recurso web] en ARTEZBLAI, el periódico de las artes escénicas, 2/12/2010.


She presents:

Fisura nº 3: txoriak. Serie de acciones para ser observadas contra una pared at Bulegoa Z/B.   

Fisura nº3: txoriak at Arteleku, Donostia-San Sebastián.   

Fisura nº3: txoriak at the Bizkaia Aretoa as part of the seminar REsonancia. Entre la voz, la palabra y la performatividad, curated by Ixiar Rozas

Fisura nº3: txoriak at the Festival de Performance & Música Amarika Cocktail in Sala Amarica, Vitoria-Gasteiz, organised by Proyecto Amarika.  

Fisura nº3: txoriak at Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany, as part of the II Festival Baskischer Choreografen curated by Mikel Aristegi.  

She participates in:

La Glorieta, a creation laboratory by Societat Doctor Alonso.

Socioanalisis narrativo I, a laboratory directed by Sensibili alle foglie and coordinated by Dario Malventi that took place in Azala.  

El paso doble, a collective experiment organised by Muelle 3, Bilbao.  

She curates:

→ Seminar 7 of Autonomía y Complejidad at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UCLM (University of Castilla La Mancha), Cuenca, during which Idoia presents a work in progress of Fisura No.3 Txoriak.  

→ Seminar 8 on Autonomía y Complejidad: Paradojas y dobleces (I) led by Pedro G. Romero in Azala.

→ First edition of the programme Lanbroa. Curso de verano sobre prácticas performativas y sus contaminantes, together with Isabel de Naverán, at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

Eskutik Hitzak programme, together with Ixiar Rozas, at Azala.  

→ Seminar 9 of Autonomía y complejidad: El octavo día. [Dios creó el mundo en siete días, este es el octavo día] led by Tony Chakar at Bizkaia Aretoa in collaboration with the University Extension courses of the EHU/UPV and Bulegoa Z/B.

She organises:

→ Annual Jaia in Azala.  

She Invites:

→ Cláudia Dias to conduct the workshop Composición en Tiempo Real. Office / Craft / Artifice / Tools within the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.  

→ María Ribot to conduct the workshop Presencia - palabra - objecto within the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.  

→ Nilo Gallego to conduct the workshop De la tregua infinita a la guerra de almohadas (From the infinite truce to the pillow war) within the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.

BOLUDA, Carolina, «Creación escénica contemporánea: travesías y atravesamientos, primera aproximación (cuerpo, imagen, identidad y representación)», in Red Escénica: revista de artes escénicas, Valencia, nº16, p. 10-17.  

La Fundición 25, 1986-2011. Bilbao, La Fundición, 2011.  

"Danza y conferencias en el seminario ‘En la Resonancia’ que se celebra en Bilbao" [Web resource] in ARTEZBLAI, El periódico de las artes escénicas, 5/6/2011.  


She presents:

Fisura nº3: txoriak in the pelota court of Arroka for the opening of the Kaxilda bookshop.

Leer y Bailar (Bide Barrijak de Lauaxeta) as part of the AMMT/MRBE#3 sessions in Arteleku.  

Fisura nº4: per fora with Cristina Zabaleta and Oihana Zabaleta at the Bakea Sormen programme, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Participates in:

→ The creation of the Basque Association of Creative Experiences, Karraskan, being a member of the board of directors until 2015.  

Efemerideak, a concert of Gora Japón in Alhóndiga, Bilbao, together with the members of the Dantza Kodeak course.   

Socioanálisis Narrativo II Laboratory directed by Sensibili alle foglie coordinated by Dario Malventi in Azala.  

→ Second Eremuak conference, entitled Arte y políticas públicas II at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

She curates:

→ Topo programme in Azala. This first Topo edition was organised in collaboration with the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. The first artists Idoia invited to the programme were Itxaso Iribarren, June Crespo and Beatriz Setién.  

She organises:

Oficina / Oficio / Artificio / Herramientas, a workshop taught by Cláudia Dias at Muelle 3, Bilbao.  

→ Second edition of Eskutik Hitza in Azala.   

Lanbroa’12, curso de Verano sobre la práctica performativa y sus contaminaciones in collaboration with the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. Gary Stevens is invited to conduct a workshop at Azala.  

→ Paradojas y Dobleces (II), a seminar taught by Pedro G. Romero in Azala.  

→ Annual Jaia in Azala. Idoia presents Lecciones y canciones, a series of audios which precede the Top Mantras.   

She invites:

→ Vera Mantero to conduct the workshop El cuerpo pensante within the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.  

→ Espe López to conduct the workshop Práctica y experimentación. Curiosidad y autoficción (convivencias) as part of the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.

ROZAS, Ixiar, Voice(s) escape. Experiencias y potencias de la voz, lenguaje y tactilidad en la escena actual de la danza. Donosti-San Sebastián, University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Argitalpen Zerbitzua= Publications Service, 2012.  


She presents:

Posthumos at the Jornadas Mostrenkas, Vitoria-Gasteiz.   

Fisura nº4: per fora at the festival 3,2,1 Encuentro Internacional de Nuevas Formas Escénicas at Alhóndiga Bilbao.

→ Group version of Leer y bailar with the danced reading of Robert Walser's El paseo as part of 3,2,1 Encuentro Internacional de Nuevas Formas Escénicas at Alhóndiga Bilbao.   

Fisura no. 5: zuloak/ neska eta mutila in the exhibition 1813. Asedio, incendio y reconstrucción de San Sebastián curated by Pedro G. Romero, as part of Tratado de Paz, a project of San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016.   

La naturaleza y su temblor in collaboration with Societat Doctor Alonso at the Grec festival in Barcelona.  

Posthumos at the BAD Festival, Bilbao.  

She participates in:

→ l Laboratorio Cine-encuentro Hipnótico y Expansivo curated by the Happiness Now collective, coordinated by Garbiñe Ortega. The laboratory takes place in Azala and has Ben Rivers and Ben Russell as guests. It also includes two special sessions with Javier Rebollo and Mar Gimeno.

She organises:

El presente del tiempo: sobre la temporalidad de la performance, a seminar conducted by Bojana Kunst in Azala.  

→ Third edition of Eskutik Hitza in Azala.  

El papel del individualismo en la performance del yo en el Arte Contemporáneo, a seminar taught by Bojana Kunst in Azala.

She organises:

→ Annual Jaia in Azala.  

She invites:

→ Oskar Gómez Mata to conduct the workshop Mostrar el pensamiento: observación y consciencia as part of the Gorputz egoerak programme in Azala.  

→ Germán de la Riva, Itxaso Corral and Leire Ugalde to participate in the Topo programme in Azala.  

→ Itziar Okariz and Seijiro Murayama to conduct the workshop Arrastoak / Rastros, Improvisación Libre y Construcción at Arteleku, in collaboration with AudioLab. 

Les nits salvatges. [Exh. Cat.]. Barcelona, Con tinta me tienes, 2013.  

ÉCIJA, Amparo, DE NAVERÁN, Isabel (eds.), Lecturas sobre danza y coreografía, Madrid, Artea, 2013.  

TÉLLEZ, Camila, “La naturaleza y su temblor / Fantasmagorías de lo público. Conversación con Idoia Zabaleta", in Revista Escáner [Web resource], 12/15/2014.  

“Idoia Zabaleta sormenaz”. In Arratsean, of Euskadi Irratia. [Web resource]. 24/04/2013, 23 min. 3 sec.  

MENDIZABAL, Asier, “Uzelmjenje = Earthing = Toma de tierra”, in Revista THK22, 2013.  


She presents:

Posthumos at La Fundición, Bilbao.  

Mantra Om momentua with Loida Gómez as part of Etzanda esan eta entzun, an event within the programme La Cosa en casa, curated by Maia Villot and Isaak Erdoiza.  

Posthumos at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, Donostia-San Sebastián, as part of Arrakalatuta. Idoia also conducts the workshop Alta voz at the Kaxilda bookshop as part of the same programme.  

Leer y Bailar (Habitación propia de Virginia Woolf) at the Circundances Festival, Valencia.

Fisura nº6: Zaldiak at Feministaldia 2014 together with Miriam P in Donostia-San Sebastián.

She teaches at:

→ One of the itineraries of the Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visua of the University of Castilla La Mancha together with Rosa Casado.   

She participates in:

→ The creation process of the Kalostra experimental art school in Donostia-San Sebastián.

→ Jon Obeso’s reading entitled La invención de la piel with Mursego and Ekain Perez as part of the Literaktum 14 Festival at Koldo Mitxelena Donostia-San Sebastián.  

Delay: Relay, a concert in the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.   

→ Conversations with / Nor dugu solaskide? At the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. 16 July.

→ Presentation of the book Beltzuria by Ixiar Rozas at Kaxilda bookstore, Donostia-San Sebastián.  

She curates:

En esta parte esquinada de la península, a study programme directed by Cláudia Dias in collaboration with Muelle 3, Histeria Kolektiboa, and La Fundición, Bilbao.  

→ Live arts programme Proklama, together with Ixiar Rozas, at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. The programme begins with Proklama 1, its first edition.  

Proklama 2 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Proklama 3 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

→ Elena Aitzkoa’s project as a participant in the Topo programme.

She organises:

→ Fourth edition of Eskutik Hitza at Azala for the collective writing of Errekan.  

→ Annual Jaia in Azala.  

IZAGIRRE, Aitor, UFA Fanzina. [Fanzine] Bilbao, Self-published, 2014.  

TÉLLEZ, Camila, “Quiet Volume. El autoretrato de una lectura silenciosa. Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells", in Scanner Magazine [Web Resource], 01/23/2015.  

FIDALGO, Pablo (coord.), Correspondencias. Bad. Santiago de Compostela, Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao / Bilboko Udaleko Kultura Saila, 2015.


She presents:

Leer y Bailar (El lector de Pascal Quignard) in Secció Irregular, a programme of Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, curated by Quim Pujol.

Leer y Bailar (Un artista del hambre de Kafka) at Koldo Mitxelena, Donostia-San Sebastián, as part of the reading series Releyendo.

She teaches at:

→ A module of the Master de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual at Azala.  

She curates:

Proklama 4 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Proklama 5 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Augurium, a series of performances for the opening of Tabakalera, Donostia-San Sebastián, together with Nilo Gallego. Idoia directs the “tour of actions” carried out by the group called Albornoces blancos, formed for the occasion, who prepared their work in Azala.

Proklama 6 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

She organises:

El Proyecto del solo: condiciones económicas y culturales del trabajo del solo, a seminar led by Bojana Kunst, in collaboration with Kaxilda.  

→ Annual Jaia, Azala.  

She invites:

→ Colaborabora to take part in the Topo programme, with the project CTR para COLABORAR.  

→ Ion Munduate to be part of the Topo programme.  

She hosts in Azala:

→ The workshop Un cuerpo para dibujar led by Beatriz Setién and Raúl Dominguez, from 17 to 21 August.

ROZAS, Ixiar, PUJOL, Quim (eds.) Ejercicios de ocupación. Afectos, vida y trabajo, Barcelona, Mercat de les Flors, Institut del Teatre and Ediciones Polígrafa, 2015.  

"Echamos un #CTR para colaborar?". [Web resource]. Bilbao: Colaborabora, 2015.

SÁNCHEZ, José Antonio, “Dispositivos de participación”, in Parataxis 2.0 [Online Resource], 2015.  

ZABALETA, Idoia, “Azala azalerak azalea: Todas al mismo tiempo”, in Red Escénica 03, 2015.  


She presents:

Leer y bailar (Os eidos de Uxio Novoneyra) at Festival Escena do Cambio, Santiago de Compostela.  

Mantra vida at Koldo Mitxelena in Donostia - San Sebastián, as part of Envoltura, Danza y acción.  

Playlist: plexo solar with Monica Real and Ibon Salvador as part of the UD-HA programme at Tabakalera, Donostia-San Sebastián, curated by Maia Villot.  

Mantra vida, as part of Envoltura, at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao.  

She teaches at:

→ The workshop Ritmos, tensiones, situaciones y expresión, as part of the performance training programme Bastardak organised by Histeria Kolektiboa at La Carpintería, Bilbao.

→ A module of the Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual at Azala.

→ A workshop as part of the first edition of Zineleku, curated by Kalakalab in Zarautz, Guipúzcoa.  

She participates in:

→ The research process led by Isabel de Naverán Envoltura, historia y síncope, in the framework of the project Tratado de paz. San Sebastián 2016 curated by Pedro G. Romero.   

Futuros cercanos, a conference organised by Karraskan at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

She curates:

Proklama 7 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Proklama 8 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Tunning Scores: comunicación, composición y sentido de la imaginación, a programme directed by Lisa Nelson, in collaboration with Tabakalera, Donostia-San Sebastián.  

She organises:

Solicitud de préstamo, an interinstitutional meeting coordinated by Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum as a special preparatory session for Proklama 8 in Azala and the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.    

Martxaundi programme, which consists of a walk between Azala and another “structure friend”. In this first edition, the walk is from Bulegoa z/b to Azala.  

Danza: lo normal, a seminar taught by Isabelle Ginot and Marcel Bugiel in Azala.  

She invites:

Analphabet Orchestra, a laboratory coordinated by Larraitz Torres for the Topo programme in Azala.   

ZABALETA, Idoia, "Practicable". In OLMO, Saioa, Eromecánica. Bilbao: self-publishing, 2016. Pages. 110-119.  


She presents:

Mantra vida, as part of Envoltura, at the Festival Escenas do Cambio, Santiago de Compostela.  

Mantra vida at Nave, within the programme Prácticas para estar juntos (PPEJ), Santiago de Chile

Mantra Tengo Tiempo at Zarata Fest XI, Bilbao.  

Fisura nº7: espatadantza as part of the exhibition Las espadas (the swords), by Pedro G. Romero at Galeria Angels, Barcelona.   

She teaches at: 

→ A module of the Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual at Azala.

→ Workshop Inicia Estalla within the programme Prácticas para estar juntos (PPEJ) at Nave, Santiago de Chile.

She participates in:

→ The album 100% Oion by Mursego within the project Nuevos Comanditarios, promoted by Artehazia, with the collaboration of Bitartean Jolasean.  

She curates:

→ Proklama 9 at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Proklama 10 at the Artium Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts of Álava, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

She organises: 

Eskutik Hitza Seminar Sleeping, writing and performance: spaces of appearance, conducted by Ric Allsop in Azala.

She invites:

→ Usue Arrieta, Andreas Wutz and Rafa Martínez del Pozo to the Topo programme in Azala.

She hosts in Azala:

La risa y los huesos, a workshop taught by Julia Espínola and David Bestué as part of the Topo programme.  

Darcy Lange Laboratory organised by Tractora Koop.E. within the Topo programme.

Azala receives the Gure Artea award.

JAIO, Iratxe, VAN GORKUM, Klaas (eds. ), 400m. The Netherlands: Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht, 2017.  

ZABALETA, Idoia, “Lo que hicimos en el Laboratorio Nave (Santiago de Chile)”, in Dardarismoa, no.1, 2017, p. 11-23.


She presents:

Mantra vida as part of Envoltura in a duo version with Isabel de Naverán at Festival Beautiful Movers, Córdoba.  

Gabinete desbrossar together with Txubio Fernández and Pako Revuelta, within the exhibition Poesía Brossa in the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz, curated by Pedro G Romero and Teresa Grandas.  

→ Top mantra at the Jornadas Mostrenkas, Sala Mostrenka, Vitoria-Gasteiz.

She teaches at:

→ A module of the Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual at Azala.  

Bi begi workshop in Zineleku, Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

→ p. i. c. a. Programa de Imaginación Colectiva en Procesos de Creación Artística, which Idoia herself launches in Azala.  

She curates:

Proklama 11 in Azala, at the Artium Museum and at Sala Mostrenka, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Proklama 12 at the Teatro Jesús Ibañez de Matauco of the Civic Center Hegoalde and the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Bajo el mismo techo, a series of workshops and performances with Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion in collaboration with Tabakalera, Donostia-San Sebastián, Bulegoa z/b, Bilbao, Festival Intacto, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and Azala.  

She organises:

Martxaundi II, a walk from Azala to Azkuna zentroa, as part of Prototipoak II, International Meeting of New Art Forms, curated by Rosa Casado and Mike Brookes.

→ Annual Jaia in Azala.

→ Participation of p.i.c.a. as a reading group in the BAD Festival.  

DE ANDRÉS, Olatz, DE PEDRO, Matxalen, DE QUADRA, Igor (eds.), Muelle 30 urte. Bilbao, Self-published, 2018.  

GOMEZ, Loida A, IZAGIRRE, Aitor, WUTZ, Andreas, FLORIDO, Terri, ZABALETA, Idoia, ROZAS, Ixiar, Martxaundi fanzine. Lasierra, Azala, 2018.  


She presents:

Top mantra at Festival Internacional Punto de Vista, Pamplona.  

Dejar caer los ojos. Un mensaje de la visión at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz, as part of Proklama 13.  

Partitura Ibiltaria at Zineleku, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

Mantra Vida, as part of Envoltura, at the Centro Cultural General San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Top mantra as part as the programme Radicantes at IVAM, Valencia, curated by Rocío Pérez, Tatiana Clavel and Mireia Ferrer Álvarez.  

Mantra Berdea at Garaion, Álava.  

She teaches at:

Envoltura, historia y síncope, a seminar together with Isabel de Naverán at IIDAM, Argentina, within the framework of the XII Jornadas de investigación en danza. El cuerpo: territorio político y materia prima.  

→ A module of the Máster de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual in Azala.

She participates in:

→ Eremuak -K/-S Conference in Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao. 

Quinta Feira: abracadabra by Cláudia Dias, presented at La Fundición, Bilbao.  

→ Presentation of the film Nuestro amor nació en la Edad Media. Tus ojos, la media de mis mismos ojos, presentation film by Elena Aitzkoa in KINU#1, which kicks off the Kinu programme, tractioned by Tractora Koop. E. at the Salón del Carmen, Bilbao.

She curates:

Borradores del Futuro, a project together with Ixiar Rozas and Arantxa Mendiharat.  

Proklama 13 in Azala and at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.  

She organises:

→ Annual Jaia in Azala.

Martxaundi III, a trek on foot from the warehouse of the Artium Museum to the Tuyo cave, as part of Proklama 13.  


She presents: 

Masage de la Visión as part of Jornadas Eztena in Rentería, Gipuzkoa.   

Leer y bailar (Relatos Lumbung de varias autoras), Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, Alemania

Masaje de texto, Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, Alemania

Somateca as part of the Encuentros de Cultura y Ciudadanía in Tabakalera, Donostia-SanSebastián.  

Top mantra as part of the Carta Blanca programme curated by Sandra Gómez at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón.

She participates in:

→ Process of accompaniment to Rosario Toledo for the creation of a flamenco piece based on a set of references provided by Pedro G. Romero about the Carnival of Cádiz.

Imágenes en discurso. Introductory course on contemporary art coordinated by Ane Lekuona at the Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz.   

Arte Makina programme. Universo Emma Kunz at Tabakalera, Donostia- San Sebastián.  

Culture and Ruralities Forum, in Navia, Asturias.

7 anos 7 escolas, a training and creation project by Cláudia Dias in Oporto.

Feministaldia XVI, as part of the accompanying group, together with Mijo, Mirari Echávarri and Paloma Chen.   

She curates:

Geoencuentro de Ciencia Ficción together with Arrate Hidalgo within the project Borradores del Futuro in Azala.  

She invites:

→ Karlos Martinez B to curate the PLAN Tre(e)s project in Azala.  

She hosts in Azala:

→ Editorial meeting of Feministaldia, becoming a member of the accompanying committee for the 2022 and 2023 editions, a period of transition and reconfiguration for Feministaldia after 15 editions.  

Prácticas Colectivas de la Incertidumbre, a lab by Rebecca Collins, David Cerdeñoand Miguel Álvarez.  

Builds Escenario Silvestre together with Juan González in Lasierra.  

DIAS, Claudia, ZABALETA, Idoia, Quinta Feira. Porto, National Theatre D. Maria II and Alkantara, 2022.  

DIAS, Claudia, Saturday. Porto, TeatroNacional D. Maria II and Alkantara, 2022.  

DIAS, Claudia, Sunday. Porto, National Theatre D. Maria II and Alkantara, 2022.  

ROZAS, Ixiar, Sonar la voz. 9 ensayos y 9 partituras. Spain, Editorial Consonni, 2022.